Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A little abuse of the language:

From a website about scanners:
What do you want to scan?
Only photos: If you only want to scan photos, go for a flat bed scanner that does not provide features for transparent media such as slides and negatives. This will put you in the sub $200 range.

Photos and negatives/slides: Flat bed scanners that have the capability to scan transparent media (slides/negatives) are more expensive since they usually have two detectors (top and bottom). We recommend the EPSON 4490 or the EPSON 4990 for photos, but we recommend the Nikon 5000 ED and Nikon 9000 ED for slide scanning and negative scanning.

"Photo" is not a synonym for print. I had to read that first sentence three times to make sense of it.

There used to be badges to put on websites to signal that one supports free speech, etc. (I think there still are.) We should have a badge saying "I will not participate in the further dumbing-down of America" for websites that refuse to butcher usage in ways like the above.

We don't want them to know the word for what they saw Mommy doing to Daddy...they might tell everyone.

Via Tyler Cowen: an Arkansas California elementary school removes Webster's Collegiate Dictionary from its library after students do what students have done with dictionaries since time immemorial: look up dirty words.

Read the news piece. Some parents think the school should replace the dictionary with one with more "age-appropriate" words!